Project Description

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Rubicon is a national partner to Bloom Energy for the installation of Energy Server Fuel Cells converting Natural Gas to clean power. Dozens of installations have been completed throughout California, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, with dozens more projects underway in those states. Serving the technology, pharmaceutical and retail industry sectors, Rubicon and Bloom Energy are helping companies reduce their dependence on the electric utility grid, reduce operating costs and their carbon footprint through the utilization of fuel cells as an alternative, clean energy source.

End User City State KW Installed
AT&T Freehold NJ 600
AT&T Hamilton NJ 700
AT&T San Diego CA 500
AT&T San Marcos CA 250
AT&T Anaheim CA 1250
AT&T San Diego CA 400
AT&T La Jolla CA 1000
AT&T Northridge CA 325
AT&T Oxnard CA 450
AT&T Huntington NY 1000
AT&T San Luis Obispo CA 500
AT&T Fremont CA 300
AT&T Oakland CA 250
Baltimore Gas & Electric Baltimore MD 250
Home Depot Staten Island NY 210
Home Depot Staten Island NY 210
Home Depot Brooklyn NY 210
Home Depot Brooklyn NY 210
Home Depot S. Ozone Park CA 210
IKEA San Diego CA 210
Johnson & Johnson Irvine CA 500
Johnson & Johnson Irwindale CA 375
Kaiser San Diego NJ 600
Kellogg’s Hammonton NJ 750
Mecerich Mall Deptford NJ 750
Mecerich Mall Freehold NJ 400
Mecerich Mall Queens NY 600
Mecerich Mall Valley Stream NY 500