Project Description


350 East Cermak, Chicago, IL – Data Center Expansion Projects:

Suite 100 – Design build project to increase data center power density from 60 WSF to 150 WSF over 5,000 sq-ft of data center area. This project included the addition of 750 kVA utility power, 600 KW UPS and the associated HVAC design to accommodate the new load.
Suite 260 – Design build project to develop an additional 3,000 sq-ft of usable data center space within a fully occupied and operational data center. This project included the redistribution of generator and UPS power from the 8th floor (suite 820) and the associated power distribution, as well as the design and installation of the HVAC systems required to support this new data center space.

Suite 160 – Design build project to develop raw space into 5,000 sq-ft of usable Tier III data center space with a power density of 150 WSF. This project included the design and installation of new utility service entrance gear, medium voltage substation, UPS and power distribution as well as the addition of a new medium voltage generator output section to provide stand-by power backup to the new substation and downstream data center. The project also included the design and installation of the required HVAC system to support the data center load.

600 South Federal, Chicago, IL – Data Center Expansion Project – Rubicon provided a design build infrastructure upgrade to support this newly acquired data center space. This project included the installation of a new 600 KW diesel generator, 300 KW UPS and associated HVAC equipment to support the IT design load.

56 Marietta Atlanta, GA – High Rise Development – Rubicon provided design build CM at risk services for this development on the 9th floor of a downtown Atlanta landmark building. The development included 8,500 sq. ft. of raised floor co-location space at 200 watts per foot with infrastructure in place to develop 7th floor at 125 watts per foot over 8,500 sq. ft. Utilize (2) 500 ton cooling towers, plate frame heat exchangers w/ primary-secondary pumping (N+1) expandable by one 500 ton tower and two pumps to allow for 7th floor development. 4MW utility upgrade with new collector bus and 3000A bus to switchgear at 10th floor. Two (2) 1750kW diesel roof mounted generators with fuel rise and redundant pumps. Two (2) 750kVA UPS (N+1 modules on each), (2) 500kVA PDUs w/ RPP distribution. (16) 30 ton CRAC units (N+2).

56 Marietta Atlanta, GA – Low Rise Development – Design-build infrastructure upgrade to emergency power supporting low rise section of facility by installing a 2.5MW diesel generator on the second floor of this downtown historic landmark building. Included associated switchgear, ATS and fully redundant fuel oil supply system. 800kVA UPS supplying power to the 2nd, 3rd & 4th floor to increase watt density to 125 watts per square foot via PDU installation on each floor. Installation of redundant power source to 4th floor PDUs via 8th floor UPS and controlled switching scheme.

Clifton, NJ – CM at Risk of 12,000 sq. ft. of raised floor co-location space at 150 watts per foot utilizing (3) 400 ton fluid coolers, (6) 750KVA UPS modules, 13.4kV main switchgear, (3) 13.4kV substations, (4) 2250kW engine generators, (32) 30 ton CRAC units, and (12) 300 KVA PDU’s. The program was set with an aggressive 12 week schedule for development to be broken out into (2) phases in order to meet customer demand.

Miami, FL – Design and construction of an 800kw engine generator rooftop installation and data center cooling expansion utilizing air cooled computer room air-conditioning systems with roof mounted condensers. Both rooftop installations require structural considerations for a hurricane zone.

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