Our Services

Our services span the critical facility delivery process. Rubicon’s experience yields success throughout:

  • Consulting:  The changing face of your facility – expansions, improvements, upgrades, energy efficiency initiatives – all require precise upfront information from a dependable and experienced partner. Rubicon’s in-house technical team has the expertise to provide you reliable data and analysis on which the business case for your next project can be confidently based.
  • Due Diligence: Rubicon has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the site selection, due diligence, utility planning and entitlement obligations specific to the unique requirements of today’s critical facilities development.
  • Master Planning: Once a site is selected, Rubicon commences the development of the conceptual design and budget against the established business and financial goals. This ensures that the highest return is realized on the client’s investment.
  • Pre-Construction: The success of any project is determined before construction begins. Rubicon’s construction project managers, superintendents and MEP coordinators ensure this success by working closely with the design teams during all design development phases, providing detailed advice on increasing reliability, mitigating risk, and decreasing overall cost of ownership. During this phase, we facilitate sub-contractor and equipment bid leveling, selection, and procurement.
  • Construction: Onsite construction management ensures adherence to budget and schedule. Rubicon’s team of experienced project managers, superintendents and MEP coordinators becomes the trusted advisor to the owner, supplying oversight to the design and construction teams to con­tinually drive the project to meet the owner’s evolving
  •  Commissioning: Any critical facility operator needs the assurances that their systems are design, installed and tested according to the design intent. Rubicon provides this quality as­surance by overseeing and confirming the proper commissioning and close-out of the project.
  • Post-occupancy Support: Through maintenance consulting and establishing standards and pro­cedures, Rubicon ensures both short- and long-term facility optimization and continued reliability.

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