Why Rubicon Professional Services for the Construction or Upgrade of Your Critical Facility?

Speed. Flexibility. Maturity. Integrity. Attention to Detail. Teamwork. Trust

These are the requirements for a truly successful critical facility construction project. In today’s fast moving, technology driven world, your success requires an experienced, mature team of constructors who understand that there is no such thing as a small project or unimportant detail.  You need a team that has the scale to work nationally and the agility to spontaneously perform but not at the expense of a personal connection to you, your company and your project.

That team is Rubicon.

Rubicon Professional Services provides an innovative alternative for building or upgrading critical facilities. Whether it’s a data center, R&D facility, telecom hub, financial center or healthcare facility, they all depend on a reliable, safe and stable central infrastructure to meet the increasingly rigorous demands of their customers. At Rubicon we take the time to truly understand your business model and then develop a solution that meets both your capital and performance expectations.

From feasibility studies and due diligence through project programming, design, equipment procurement, construction and commissioning, Rubicon ensures precise, cost-effective delivery of the facilities our clients need. We excel in providing:

  • Solutions and results that support your strategic business goals
  • Alleviated risk through our exacting safety programs
  • Quality that is built in, not inspected in, through our ISO9001 based Construction Quality Management processes.Cost-effective procurement of engineering services, subcontractors and equipment
  • Faster project delivery through our integrated design, procurement and construction processes
  • A nationwide reach to serve you where your projects take us.

 Experience you can trust

Rubicon’s staff of engineers, architects, and construction professionals offer unmatched levels of technical and strategic expertise, a dedication to a safe work environment, and proven systems for scheduling, controlling costs and extracting maximum value. We only employ mature experienced professionals, so large or small, your project will be managed by veteran constructors, not a junior staff member.

Flexible and scalable

As a medium sized, privately owned firm, Rubicon is not burdened by the bureaucracy of some larger construction companies. We have the flexibility to respond quickly to today’s ever evolving business needs. But that flexibility does not come at the cost of scale. Rubicon’s nationwide presence means we can help you meet your goals across the US, and our ability to scale and mobilize quickly means we can meet the rigorous schedule demands of a “first to market” business strategy or a national roll-out plan.

Unremitting Attention to Detail

At Rubicon, our years of experience constructing critical facilities has taught us that there is no such thing as a small project, and no such thing as an unimportant detail. Whether it’s the construction of a new data center, or a lobby re-fresh of a bank branch, they demand equal attention to detail in quality, safety and value.

Integrity and a Personal Touch

The leadership of Rubicon puts their personal and professional reputations on the line with every customer and every project. Because of that, every project that Rubicon undertakes will receive personal oversight from Bill, Eric or Morris. From scope and proposal development through implementation, close-out and beyond, a member of our Leadership Team will be beside you to ensure our team is meeting your every expectation for quality, responsiveness, efficiency and respect.

Trust Rubicon to help make your next critical construction project a success.

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