At Rubicon Professional Services, our team of industry experienced professionals is dedicated to our client’s needs and overall success. With an innovative approach to every project, RPS has completed numerous interior renovations, upfits, upgrades, and alternative energy system additions in the healthcare industry across the U.S. over four decades.

RPS understands the complexity and details relevant to healthcare industry design, construction, and commissioning. Our team of experts will examine the requirements needed, and determine the best options for your facility.

Alternative Energy Upgrades

One of our missions is to be a progressive-thinking company. RPS keeps abreast of new developments and opportunities to protect communities, patients, and healthcare workers from pollutants created by fossil fuels.

RPS’ team of designers, engineers, managers and field staff analyze each project in detail.  We then collaborate with our client to position and align renewable energy systems into their facility. Optimizing and incorporating renewable energy resources into any project will ensure our client harnesses energy to maintain power during extreme weather conditions and reduce energy supply costs.

The #1 focus at RPS is our clients.

We have a team who will provide Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) services for your healthcare project.  We are committed to the overall project schedule, controlling cost, and effectively managing your critical facility for the maximum value of YOUR successful project.